How To Design Brochure in PowerPoint

We all know that the brochure is one of the most important tools for businesses, but sometimes we don’t have any idea how to design a brochure in PowerPoint.

There are several brochures, which have to be designed by PowerPoint. But the only thing that you need to remember is that you can’t use any extra fonts and images, you should use just basic PowerPoint templates. Here is a complete guide to designing a brochure in PowerPoint and making your own brochure.

1. Choose a Template

If you want to design a brochure in PowerPoint then you need to choose a suitable template. There are various templates that are available on the internet and you can choose the one, which suits your business. the template should be professional, and the layout should be appropriate.

The template should have a great background image, and it should be eye-catching.  A good template will give an attractive look to your brochure and your audience will easily get attracted to it. You can choose from a wide range of different templates and you can also customize the template as per your needs.

You can change the background color, fonts, etc. You can easily create a great brochure with the help of a PowerPoint template.

2. Add your Content

Once you have chosen a suitable template, then you need to add your content. In PowerPoint, you can easily add your content, but make sure that you don’t use any extra fonts or images. You should use only the basic PowerPoint templates.

When you add content, you need to make sure that you do not use any extra formatting. This is because the basic templates have their own formatting, and you can use them for the entire presentation. However, you can use any of the formatting options to create your own presentation.  

Now that you have selected a template, you need to add your content. In PowerPoint, you can add your content in a variety of ways. You can add your content in the form of text, images, charts, and graphs. Moreover, you can also add your content in the form of a video, audio, and even a slideshow.

3. Add Your Header and Footer

After adding your content, you can add a header and footer. If you want to add a header, you have to select the section and then click on the Insert tab. Now you will see a horizontal line and the option to add a title and a subtitle. Now you need to add a section and then select the text box and you will see the option to add a title.

The final step is to add a footer and it can be done by selecting the section and clicking on the insert tab.  Now you will see a line and a box where you can add the footer text. You can now click on the Save button and you will see the page with the new header and footer.

You can now edit the header and footer by clicking on the Edit link. Edit Page Content After creating the header and footer, you can now edit your page content. You can edit the page content by clicking on the Edit tab and then you will see a section for editing the content.

4. Add Your images

To add images you need to go to the insert tab and click on the pictures button. From the available options, you can add images and you can add them in the form of text boxes or you can even choose the background. You can also change the size of the image or the color of it. You can also add a border around the images that you have added.

You can use different colors for the border. Now that you have added the images, you need to click on the preview button. Click on the images and check if they are appearing properly. You can resize them as well. If you are happy with the images you have added, then click on the Save button.

5. Select the Layout

After designing the brochure you can select the layout. You can select the two-page or one page, but if you want to use one page then you need to select the slide, and then you will find the option to select the layout. After selecting the slide you can design the page.

You can add text, images and any other elements you want to display on the page. Insert Slide To insert a slide, click on the Add Slide button. You will find it in the top right corner of the page. There are three options: One Slide – This is the default option. You can add multiple slides with this option.

6. Preview The Layout

After selecting the layout you can preview the layout by clicking on the “Preview” button. You can also click on the “Preview” button in the top left corner of the layout designer to show or hide the preview window.

You can then change the layout properties as desired before saving the layout to a file. Creating Layouts You can create layouts in a variety of ways, such as: Using the drag and drop method, where you drag and drop content on the design surface.

7. Publish The Presentation

Finally, you can publish the PowerPoint and if you want to add the pages you can click on the layout and then select the layout.  To publish the presentation, you need to open the file you want to publish and click on the “Publish” button. You can choose to publish the presentation on a local computer, on a web server or on a cloud service.

You can use the following settings when publishing a presentation: – Author: you can set the name of the author of the publication – Description: you can enter a description of the presentation – Title: you can enter the title of the presentation


These are the simple steps to designing a brochure in PowerPoint. You can use these steps to create brochures in other Microsoft office programs as well.I hope you liked this post about “How to Design Brochure in PowerPoint”. You can easily get a brochure design in PowerPoint without any extra effort.

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