How To Draw a 3D Cartoon Character

Nowadays cartoon characters have become quite popular. People love to draw and use these characters in their projects and other works. They want to create their own versions of these characters.

When they try to do it they end up drawing a 2D character and if they want to add some more details then they end up drawing a 3D character. In both cases, they are not satisfied with their creations and they end up drawing something else.

But this does not mean that they cannot create a 3D cartoon character. All they need to do is to follow some simple and easy steps.

1. Sketch Your Cartoon Character

First of all, you need to sketch your cartoon character on a blank sheet of paper. For this, you need to have some reference points to draw the character from.

Drawing cartoons is fun. Most children and adults love to draw cartoons. There are different ways you can draw a cartoon character. You can draw your cartoon character freehand, using markers, or pencil and paper. The easiest way to start is to use a pencil and a blank sheet of paper.

Just draw your cartoon character on the paper. Try to make it as detailed as possible. After you have drawn your cartoon character, it’s time to put color on it. Make sure you add color using a crayon. Color is used to add details to a cartoon character.

You may want to color your cartoon character to make it look like it is coming to life. You may want to use black and white. You can choose any style of a cartoon character that you want. It could be a realistic character. Or, it could be a cartoon character that looks like it is made out of clay.

You may also want to choose a cartoon character that resembles a certain animal. You can choose whatever cartoon character you want.

2. Add More Details

Now you will be able to see some extra details in your character. If you feel that your character is not detailed enough then you can start adding more details. Add more folds and creases to the character.

Most cartoon characters are made of paper mache. It is easy to make your own character with a few simple materials. It is possible to draw a 3D cartoon character using a variety of techniques.

If you want to add extra details to your character then you will have to follow some simple rules. You must start by drawing a 2D version of the cartoon character.

After you have drawn the 2D version, you can start adding some details. If you are having trouble drawing the 3D version of the character then you should try starting with a 2D version of the character first. Next, you should start adding some folds and creases.

These folds and creases will help you to create 3D shapes. If you are having trouble making your cartoon character look like a real person then you should start with a human figure. Once you have drawn the human figure, you can start adding some folds and creases to it.

If you want to draw a cartoon character, you will have to start by drawing the 2D version first. From the 2D version, you can start adding folds and creases.

3. Start Making The Basic Shapes

It is now time to start making the basic shapes for your character. You will be able to make the basic shapes by following a certain method. There are some basic shapes that you can draw like head, eyes, mouth, etc.

Most of the characters are made with basic shapes. For example, most of cartoon characters are made with basic shapes. To make the basic shapes for your cartoon character,

start by drawing the head first. You will need to think about what makes your character unique and then draw that. The head will be the most important part of your character. Once you draw the head, draw the eyes. Make sure that you are accurate with your drawings.

You should learn how to draw these basic shapes so that you can easily draw your own cartoon characters. If you can make the basic shapes with ease, you will be able to draw your own cartoon character with ease. You should begin with the head and the eyes.

You will continue this procedure until you get a head shape. You should also make a semicircle in the middle of the head. This represents his or her nose. You will use this same procedure to make the nose and the mouth. After that, you will start drawing the outline of the character’s hair. You should use a short curved line to make his or her hair.

You will also draw out the rest of the features of the character. You will use the same procedure to make the ears, the eyes, the teeth, etc. Make sure that the outlines of the facial features are clearly visible. If not, they will not look real.

4. Add Colors

The next step is to add colors to the character. You will be able to do this by choosing the color from the palette. After that, you can start adding shadows and highlights to the character.

You need to be creative when drawing 3D characters. Try using your imagination to make this process fun. It may be helpful if you take a picture of a person or a cartoon character.

If you want to make it look real, you can use different tools to add shadows and highlights. When adding shadows and highlights, try to make it look like a real person.

When drawing a 3D character, you should know the anatomy of the person or animal. You will be able to draw better if you know how to draw the skeleton of the character. This will help you to understand how the different parts of the body are connected together.

It is best to think about how you want the character to look. This can help you to make it more interesting. A lot of people have tried drawing a character from a book and they never get to finish it. You can draw a character and finish it in one sitting.

It is important to make sure that the character looks right. For example, if the character is going to be a girl, you should make sure she has a nice-looking bust.


This was a very short tutorial on how to draw a 3D cartoon character. The most important thing is to follow these simple steps and you will be able to create a unique and realistic cartoon character.

If you want to learn more about these types of tutorials then you can check out the tutorial on How to draw a 3D Cartoon Character Step by Step.

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