How To Draw Realistic Cartoon Characters

Many people dream of becoming cartoon character artists. In today’s modern world where technology has become smarter, a lot of people have started drawing, sculpting, and painting. If you are interested in becoming a cartoon character artist,

then you must know how to draw realistic cartoon characters. Here are some of the techniques that will help you to become a better cartoon character artist.

Start From The Eyes

You can easily notice the difference between real and cartoon eyes by looking at the different sizes and shapes of the eyeballs. You can start your work from the eyeball itself. So, take a pencil and draw an oval shape for each eye.

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. Your eyes are the first things to capture the attention of others. Therefore, you should always make sure that they are very nice. You should consider several things before you start drawing a cartoon character.

First of all, the eyes should look real. That means that the eyelids should be closed, and the pupils should be black. The irises should be round. It is easy to tell which side of the eyes is the right and left. The right eye is the one that is on the right. Similarly, the left eye is on the left.

To make the eye appear more natural, you should draw the pupil at the center of the iris. To create the illusion of depth, you should put the line between the pupil and the white of the eye. Now you can start drawing the hair. Draw two lines for the eyebrows.

After that, you can begin drawing the mouth. Your mouth should be wide open. Draw a line in the middle of the mouth to make it appear wider. Then, add the upper lip, lower lip, and chin.

Draw The Nose

Next, you need to draw a nose. The nose is the center of attraction for the eye and it is the best place to draw the character. So, you need to take a pencil and make a nose using different shapes.

The nose is the most noticeable feature of the face and the center of attraction for the eye. It can help your character to appear more realistic. It can also help your character to appear more attractive.

If you have never drawn before, you can use the nose you have drawn for reference. There are various ways of drawing a nose. For instance, you can draw it with straight lines or curves. You can also add color to it. It is easy to draw a realistic nose using simple tools like a pencil and a ruler. You can use the following tips to draw a nose:

First, draw the nostril. It starts in the middle of the nose and ends on either side. You should also draw the bridge of the nose. The bridge is the highest point of the nose. It is the place where two nostrils meet.

Then, draw the other features. You can use the other features to build the nose. For example, you can draw the eyes, eyebrows, lips and other features of the face.

Draw The Mouth

The next step is to draw a mouth. You need to make a mouth using a rectangle shape and a triangle shape. A mouth needs to be made of two shapes. First, you need to create a shape with a rectangle. Make sure that this shape is curved

at the bottom and slightly straight at the top. Next, you need to make a triangle. It should be made using two straight lines and a curved line. The next step is to draw the lips. They look like small triangles. You should make them using a circle shape and two straight lines.

The next step is to draw the eyes. The eyes should look like black circles. Make them using a triangle shape and a rounded rectangle. The next step is to draw the nose. The nose should look like a rounded triangle. It should be drawn using a round shape and two straight lines.

The next step is to draw the hair. It should look like a circle that has been rounded at the edges. You can use a circle shape, two straight lines, and a rounded rectangle. The next step is to draw the ears. Make them like small circles. You can use a circle shape, two straight lines, and a rounded rectangle.

Draw The Head

Once you have drawn the mouth, it is time to draw the rest of the head. You need to take a pencil and make the shape of the head, which includes the hair, ears, eyes, and everything.

To draw realistic characters, you need to know some things about them. They have eyes and mouths. They usually have two legs and one arm. They also have arms, hands, feet, and legs. You need to understand that drawing realistic cartoon characters means making them look like real people.

If you draw characters correctly, they will have the same proportions as those of real people. The best way to learn how to draw realistic cartoon characters is to practice a lot. Start with a simple character. Then, practice drawing different parts of it. You can take your time to do it and draw every part of it until you have mastered it.

If you want to be a successful artist, you need to draw a human figure first. Once you have the basic knowledge of how to draw a realistic cartoon character, you can take a step further. You can start drawing a cartoon character from the body and then add the facial features.

After that, you can put clothes on the character. When you draw a realistic cartoon character, you will notice that it takes a lot of patience and practice.

Make The Body

Now it is time to make the body. You need to draw the body using a circle shape and make the muscles and the arms.

Make the body first before making the head. Use a circle shape to make the body. Draw the arms using three lines and connect them together. Draw the muscles first, then add details later. Add details such as the hair and the clothes. Don’t forget to draw the eyes and the nose.

Next, make the head using two circles. The left circle is to draw the face and the right one is to make the hair. Draw the eyes, the nose, and the mouth.

Finally, draw the hands and the legs. Draw the arms first and then the legs. The arms should be long and should connect to the body.

Make the legs using a rectangle shape. Make sure that the feet point towards the top of the paper. Then, draw the feet.

Make the arms first. Use a curved line to make the hand and then a straight line to make the arm. Connect both the arm and the hand together.

Make The Background

To make the background you need to draw clouds, trees, and other objects. The background of a cartoon is quite different than a real-life environment.

If you want to draw cartoon characters, then it’s necessary to have the ability to draw backgrounds. The background is the most important part of a cartoon. It is a very important part of drawing a cartoon character.

It has lots of details and it helps the viewer to understand the cartoon better. It is the first thing you draw, so you should take your time while making it. You can start by drawing some lines with a pencil. You can use a black marker pen to add shadows to the background.

You should draw the foreground first and then add the background later. You can use a background with simple objects, but it is better if you use complex ones. It is possible to create a realistic background if you draw everything correctly.

Drawing a cartoon character is quite simple. You should start by drawing the basic features of the character. The head is the most important feature to draw. Once you have drawn the head, you can draw the rest of the body. Once you have finished drawing the head and body, you can finish drawing the other features. It is not possible to draw the whole body in one go.


So, these were some of the important steps that you must follow to make the cartoon characters look more realistic. Hope you like this post.

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